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Giro d'Italia 2012 - review of stage 5 in a (funny) comic strip

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A lot has been said about his crash during the sprint finish last Monday, but today, Mark Cavendish decided to let his cycling do the talking for him. At the finish line he was met by podium girls (and flowers) and by his lovely wife Peta Todd and daughter Delilah Grace. We were lost for words. Luckily a picture says more than a thousand words.
Here’s yesterday's comic strip...

From the start Roberto Ferrari seemed to be scared that Mark Cavendish was out to get him. It looks like shrinking back and making himself scarce was his big game plan for stage five.
The Androni sprinter couldn’t be found. Pippo Pozzato came very close but he never even realised it.

Nothing but happy faces at the start (with the exception of Ferrari’s anxious face, of course). Noticing that for once Taylor Phinney was still on his feet, pink jersey Ramunas Navardauskas jumped at the opportunity to record this rare Giro 2012 moment for posterity.

Meanwhile Cavendish was raring to have a go at Ferrari…
Here he is jutting out his bottom lip in bitter disappointment when he could’t spot that darned Ferrari.

Navardauskas clearly wasn’t the only one who wanted to have his picture taken with a ‘look at me! I’m not crashing!’ Phinney. Navardauskas and Phinney, both a bit embarassed by all the attention, show they really can see beyond their noses –even all the way down to the handlebars.

At the left Matt Goss is just enjoying the ride.
At the right some pervert is desperately trying to get all access pictures of little blue dresses.

A badly parked truck would have succeeded in stopping the great breakaway of the day if it weren’t for the generously sized carabiniero who showed everyone how to park a truck.
The peloton couldn’t care less and had their lunches handed to them.
But the leading cyclists’ suspicions grew when they realised someone was pushing the boat out to block their headway. Not happy with the Giro sabotage, four of them decided not to go for the stage victory and fall back to the peloton…
The four quickly realised though that Team Sky was the limit. Cav’s team swiftly bridged the distance with the lead cyclists and as the Team Sky breezed by them the former leaders of the pack could only hope they too could race with the wind once again.

It was a convincing win for Cavendish. His rivals weren’t even looking at the finish line (see above). Goss only realised it might be a good idea to look for the finish line when it was too late.

The Manx Missile was greeted by two very special podium girls – his wife, Peta Todd, was waiting for him with their baby girl Delilah-Grace (left, pink outfit, no funny hat).

10 minutes after Cavendish’ finish, Roberto Ferrari suddenly resurfaced. He tried to sneak away but to his great fear he was spotted by a focused photographer.
To be continued…

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